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How would you like to attend or view Free, Online Basketball Clinics from the comfort of your own home?

Please make sure to Register early for this as spaces are limited.

You’ve come to the right place for awesome Online Basketball Clinics!!


  • We are offering an Online Basketball Clinic for you at no charge
  • High quality video and Live presentations with Q and A sessions
  • We’ll cover everything you need to make you a better Coach
  • Special situations, Press Offense, Footwork, Post Play, Individual Fundamentals, You name it!!
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  1. bart wouters
    7 years ago

    Let’s help eachother ( USA – coaches and European coaches !!! )

  2. Fred BULLOT
    7 years ago

    Reminder Basketball is the Sport # 2 in the World !
    Check this :

  3. jason mcelwain
    7 years ago

    this is gonna be a great clnic.

  4. Johnkabwe
    7 years ago

    Hi coach,thnks 4 da email u snt.i jst wntd 2 in4om u dat i am a ballplayer who plays 4 a juniour CLUB{HURRICANS}and play 4 my high school during high school ball games..i asure u dat basketball clinic will help me physically,motionally,mentally and ur hospitallity is my concern thnk coach and am also lukn 4 a sponship i knw you are willing to help me..thnk u coach.

  5. Musa Muhammed Lawal
    7 years ago

    I will love τ̅☺ become a better player,even one of the best on earth

  6. Tony Fuller
    7 years ago

    I love this website

  7. Ken Sartini
    7 years ago

    “Great job again guys…. even though I am retired I always enjoy listening to other coaches and get some new ideas. I work with a few coaches helping them out from time to time, so if I can give them just one new idea I picked up here, its all worth it. Thanks again Randy & Todd.”

  8. Richie Glenn
    7 years ago

    this great. two thimbs up!

  9. Wim
    6 years ago

    Very interesting website! Thank you!

    I wonder if it is possible to receive the written text of the online clinics (these are often impossible to follow because of the different hours)

  10. Bill Dent
    6 years ago

    how do I register for the online clinic?

  11. Rajbir choudhary
    3 years ago